Strategies for Online Keno

At first glance, the game of keno seems extremely straightforward. Choose a random series of numbers – based on your Social Security number, your children’s birthdays, your car license or what have you – and see which match another random series of numbers generated by the online casino. However, once you have gained some experience playing online keno, you will find this game’s simplicity is deceptive. Keno is perhaps the oldest game of chance and originated over two thousand years ago in China. Over the years, enthusiasts have studied the ins and outs of keno, and developed some useful strategies. If you’d like to increase your chances of winning, take a look at these tips and see if they work for you.

Learn the Game

Get to know keno’s rules first of all. Make sure you understand the mechanics of the game and look closely at what will reap you the reward of a jackpot or a smaller payout. Consult experienced players of online keno, via either chat room or Internet bulletin board, and listen to their advice as to improving your game and your chances of winning. Take advantage of the free versions of keno games available in many online casinos and use them as your “class rooms.” Practice playing different combinations of digits – or repeatedly betting on the same numbers – in these free games until you are comfortable with the regulations and the feel of keno.

Choosing your Casino

When you are ready to begin wagering real money, be sure to register with a trustworthy casino which is known for both fair and quick payouts to its winners. After all, a big win won’t do you much good until you actually have the cash in hand. Of course, you also want a casino that offers top payout percentages. Online players here already have the advantage, since due to lower overhead, Internet casinos have a much lower house edge. Look on the casino’s website for statistics on their payouts: they are legally required to provide you with this information.

Choosing your Numbers

Although some keno games will allow you to choose ten numbers or more for every round, selecting a maximum of only five or six will tend to increase the odds that you will have a win. Picking consecutive numbers is also recommended for increasing your chances, as is choosing numbers that have not come up for some time. Many players believe in choosing a set of lucky numbers and sticking with them. If you decide to follow this philosophy, some online keno games will allow you to bet the same numbers over and over again, by simply clicking “bet” each time, while others will give you the option of a multi-race ticket. Perhaps you don’t feel inspired to select any particular numbers; in that case, you can opt to have the house “choose” for you.