Playing Online Video Poker

Poker is probably the most popular wagering card game in the Western world. People from all walks of life enjoy a friendly game of poker from time to time, while some professional players make it their livelihood. Chances are that you have participated in, or at least watched, a poker game at some point in your life. Now a new development on the gaming scene, online video poker, makes the game all the more accessible, even when you are alone. Your host at these video poker games will be an online casino, which typically will offer a number of playing options. While your goal may be to eventually make money playing video poker online, it is highly recommended that at first you take advantage of the free games available at your host casino.

How to Play for Free

Virtually all online casinos feature free games. Find one with free online video poker that looks interesting. There is no need to download any software or give any personal details. Just click “play” to get started and then “hold” or “cancel” for each card in the hand you are dealt. The pay table will remind of the various winning combinations in poker. When you come up with any of these combinations, you will win – but only play money for now. If after a few rounds, you find that a particular casino is not to your taste, you can simply move on and try another. After all, you have not sunk any of your money into it, or even signed up to play.

Who Plays for Free?

Many folks today lead busy, high pressure lives and are looking for a quick way to relax in their spare time. Playing poker is one option, and the free version makes it extremely accessible. Other gamers play video poker online in an attempt to learn the ins and outs of the game and polish their skills before moving on up to big money wagering. A third category includes the many players who would like to check out a few different online casinos which offer video poker, before making the decision to register with one particular website.

Betting for Real

After a comfortable trial period playing free games, you may decide that you know and enjoy the game well enough to want to bet for real money. All the free online video games make it very easy for you to move up to playing for cash. Just click and you will be guided through a quick and convenient registration process. Indicate your contact information, choose a password and your preferred form of payment, and you will be ready to take a chance on winning big. Of course, if you ever feel the desire for a video poker “refresher course” or simply want to unwind without thinking about betting, you are welcome to play the free games at any time.